Prueba Del Vih Serologia Elisa De 4Ta Generación P24 Tiempo De Fiabilidad

De Greef and Jacobs Medium

30630015-3 25 L
EUR 28.98

Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the prueba del vih serologia elisa de 4ta generación p24 tiempo de fiabilidad reagents distributed by Genprice. The Prueba Del Vih Serologia Elisa De 4Ta Generación P24 Tiempo De Fiabilidad reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact p24 Antigen Elisa. Other Prueba products are available in stock. Specificity: Prueba Category: Del Group: Vih Serologia

De Greef and Jacobs Vitamin Mix

100 mL
EUR 27.17


1 x 25 mg
EUR 92.4


5 x 25 mg
EUR 152.4


2 ug
EUR 409.2

De-Hibit 200

EUR 124
Description: 9003-70-7


10mg Ask for price
Description: (-)-De-O-methylcentrolobin


1g Ask for price
Description: (-)-De-O-methylcentrolobin

Vih Serologia information

Serological Pipettes, 50ml, 160 per case

SP102161 1CS, 160UNIT
EUR 364.32

BD 1ml in 1100 Serological pipette plugged 25 per bag

357506 PK1000
EUR 231.6

BD 5ml in 110 Serological pipette plugged 25 per bag

357529 PK500
EUR 237.6

1mL Serological Pipette Bulk Packed

170371N PK1000
EUR 180

2mL Serological Pipette Bulk Packed

170372N PK500
EUR 88.8

5mL Serological Pipette Bulk Packed

170373N PK200
EUR 362.4

BD 10ml in 110 Serological pipette plugged 25 per bag

357530 PK500
EUR 249.6

10mL Serological Pipette Bulk Packed

170374N PK200
EUR 438

25mL Serological Pipette Bulk Packed

170375N PK200
EUR 139.2

50mL Serological Pipette Bulk Packed

170376N PK100
EUR 196.8

Disposable Serological Pipette 2.2mL

ARG1600 PK500
EUR 336

Disposable Serological Pipettes 1ml

ARG1552 PK1000
EUR 462

Disposable Serological Pipettes 2ml

ARG1558 PK1000
EUR 621.6

Disposable Serological Pipettes 5ml

ARG1564 PK500
EUR 402

Falcon 2ml Serological Pipette Plugged

357507 PK1000
EUR 249.6

Falcon 5ml Serological Pipette Plugged

357543 PK200
EUR 84

Disposable Serological Pipettes 25mL

ARG1562 PK150
EUR 331.2